Can you imagine the consequences of a cyberattack to your company?

You have probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of things is everything connected to the Internet. Only a few years ago, only computers were connected to the internet, but now cell phones and televisions are too; and little by little, cars, heating systems, ovens, coffee makers, clocks, etc. are following the same path.

The Internet is increasingly present in the everyday objects, which is a great challenge: starting by the power and speed of the Internet itself, which should be able to manage all this activity demand. That is why they are working on the fifth generation of internet (5G) already, even when the 4G is not everywhere yet. Basically, this fact translates to a faster connectivity with a higher capacity. However, this is not the only challenge that must be faced with the arrival and consolidation of the IoT: cybersecurity must be tackled too.

If someone can access a computer from another computer, with or without permission, and that computer is not well protected: Can you imagine what would happen if someone could take control of our car, heating system or coffee maker? What if this happens in the business world:
What would happen if someone could access our accounting? Or the refrigeration system of our warehouse? Or the automatic control system of our office’s accesses?

At Light Eyes, we prefer not to imagine it. It is for that reason that we celebrate that the internet has come to improve our lives with the same intensity as we work to avoid the internet to make our lives more difficult. That is why we work to create a more cybersecure society.

If you have a company, do not risk its security and contact us!

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