Why is cybersecurity essential for local governments?

The computer systems of the public administrations are very important since they handle a lot of the citizens’ sensitive information and personal data: telephone numbers, addresses, bank accounts, economic situation… and this information must be protected. The most important administrations make great efforts to get the best tools to protect their computer systems, but the small and middle local governments often get lost in this area. It is in these cases that it is recommended that they work together with a specialised company.

Some of the recommendations presented in these work sessions will be quite simple, such as turning off your computer or closing the session when not using it; keeping your password safe (out of other’s sight); updating your computer’s software frequently… However, there are some other recommendations that are not this simple, for instance, how to encrypt emails and calls; how to keep the contracts with your suppliers safe; and how to make sure that providers guarantee the same level of cybersecurity when carrying out administrative paperwork.

In addition, local governments may also have other interests besides protecting that information, such as how to make the most when carrying out their basic tasks as a local government (town or city council). Moreover, some of the tools used for protection and prevention may also be used to improve the way they perform their tasks. If local governments manage this information properly, they will be able to know what citizens complain about (through public comments in social networks and forums); whether there is any conflict in town or any deviation in a service…

There are lots of possibilities. Contact us to find out about the services that interest you the most. Protecting is important, preventing too!

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