Eight tips to shop safely online

At Light Eyes, we know that, nowadays, people love shopping online, that is why we want to give you eight cybersecurity tips on online shopping.

1.- Always keep in mind that there is a padlock next to the website’s address in the browser’s URL bar. This means that you can use your credit and debit cards safely.

2.- Do not buy anything while connected to a public WI-FI network since bad hackers can intercept your device quite easily.

3.- Make sure you use a secure software. Update your antivirus, Firewall, operating system and browser in order to guarantee your security.

4.- It is a bit annoying… but it is important that you use a different password for each account: they should be long and complex (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols…).

5.- Remove all pop-up advertising (the kind that appears on new screens suddenly) because it can be fraudulent advertising and it may redirect you to malicious pages without your knowledge. Some very skilled people may copy the design of other pages in order to trick us!

6.- Be careful about the promotional emails you receive! Delete all those with attached files because promotional emails rarely come with them. It is more than likely that they are viruses. Also, do not click on the links that the email may contain as they may direct you to a company’s counterfeit website. If you are interested in a product that you saw advertised, go directly to the company’s website and purchase it from there.

7.- Watch out for the prices. We all like to shop paying the minimum possible, but if you find a product that seems too cheap, distrust that website and check the price on another one. Nobody gives anything almost for free!

8.- Go directly to the shop’s website by typing the website’s address in the browser’s URL bar instead of using search engines. If you use a search engine, make sure that you click on the shop’s right website and not on an advertisement for a website with a similar design.

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