Is your company protected from malicious hackers?

We are a knowledge-based society in a digital world full of information which represents our interests, illusions and thoughts. We need to be connected to the internet and offer network services, this way we are more transparent, useful, effective and fast to solve the everyday challenges of our business. However, digitalisation does not give us just benefits, it also makes us more vulnerable if we do not protect ourselves properly.

We all know about media attacks on big companies, but small and medium-sized businesses are the target for bad hackers because they are easier to penetrate, and it is more likely that they fall for an extorsion to save the company. In fact, it is demonstrated that 90% of companies that suffer a cyber-attack close in less than a year (or pay large amounts of money to thieves to recover all the information: here is the extorsion!).

In order to prevent this from happening, what should we do? Firstly, we should analyse our vulnerabilities and then take efficient protection measures and update them permanently. This entails a specific analysis, security policies, training (procedures), and a few technical interventions to the equipment to guarantee the maximum protection of those data.

Will this prevent 100% of incidents? No, since knowledge and techniques develop very quickly, but we will set the bar really high to avoid it. This way, we will prevent the loss of information and we will know 100% where the incidents come from. Therefore, we do not only apply technology and procedures, but we dissuade the bad guys. And this is not as expensive as you may think. Ask us for more information!


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