Do you know how to protect your email?

Emails are constantly receiving lots of malicious attacks. These attacks may come as virus, which are programs prepared to harm other programs; or as Trojan horses, which are malevolent programs inserted into other programs in order to create a secret door of access to the computer. Other malicious programs are the so-called ‘worms’, which replicate themselves and can infect hundreds of thousands of contacts from your computer.

The attacks can also come from a ‘spyware’, which is a program that may spy on you and gather your information, such as all your passwords and bank details. Moreover, there is another program of this kind called ‘ransomware’, which is a malware that encrypts all the files on a computer and blocks the access to data until a payment is received.

Teaching the workers of a company which emails they can open and which they cannot is very important for the company’s security, but you must be aware that leaving everything to human hands means leaving the company’s security to chance.

That is why Light Eyes offers solutions to prevent your company’s corporate emails from receiving malicious programs. If you are concerned about the security of your company, contact us and we will propose a customized solution!

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