Do you know that not having your company digitally protected can result in fines of up to 20 million euros?

One of the biggest problems of digital security is that the amount of cyberattacks is very difficult to quantify as many of the companies that are victims of them do not report them to the authorities for fear of hurting their reputation. According to official records from the INCIBE (Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute), in 2016, 115,000 such incidents were detected in Spain but only 150 legal proceedings were initiated for computer damage and for disclosing business secrets through the network.

That is why the legislation is being updated and a new European directive, known as the NIS directive, decrees large fines to the companies that do not report cyberattacks before the first 72 hours. In Spain these fines can be of up to 20 million euros or the 4% of the annual turnover, especially if it is detected that the company has tried to hide the criminal act.

As we always say at Light Eyes, prevention is better than cure: if you do not want to endanger both your customer’s data and your reputation; if you do not want that your business is harmed or receive large fines, you must be foresighted and protect your company to the maximum!

It is unlikely to be 100% safe, but the more steps you take, the better! At Light Eyes, we can help you by analysing your vulnerabilities and presenting suggestions for improvement to you.

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