Do you know who can hear you when you talk on the phone?

Now we use mobiles phones more and more and we are using them to do more things. And they are as vulnerable as any other device connected to the internet. It is for that reason that selecting who can offer us a more secure environment is just as important as finding the company that offers the best price, coverage and technical assistance.

Nowadays, intercepting communications is relatively easy to do, with but also without a court order, and this can be conducted with both very sophisticated systems and systems that anyone with some basic knowledge in computers may find online.

There are currently several protection services. The cheapest solutions are applications that guarantee the encryption of messaging and calls. These solutions are very efficient if someone tries to listen to the content of your calls without accessing your mobile phone, but it is necessary to explain that if someone accesses your device, which rarely happens, they could also decrypt all the content from another device just like your mobile does.

The most efficient solutions use communication via satellite. These are the safest kinds of communication, but they are also the most expensive (especially for the sending of files); and they are not very useful for a daily use as open spaces to have coverage are required.

In between there are a wide range of options: from shielding cases to avoid intrusion to digital anonymous communications without a SIM card; applications that delete the content of your phone from a distance; and some with which you must enter a password previously agreed with the sender (to make sure it is them) before starting a new communication. There are also systems that let you know if your calls are being intercepted from anywhere by checking whether those calls are not going through the official cell antennas. Furthermore, there are systems that can make your call bounce off so many antennas that it would be impossible to know from where you call.

There are many solutions and at Light Eyes, we can advise you which one sticks more to the privacy that your communications require. There are also many prices: the question is not how much protection costs, but how worthy your information is.

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