The 21st century communication is intelligent

Persuasive communication can easily be confused with marketing or public relations because they are often intertwined, but the truth is that persuasive communication is a concept that encompasses the other two aforementioned concepts and many more. It is the art of persuading. That is why we like to use this concept at Light Eyes.

Selling and informing are no longer enough for a company. Now persuading is required, because in the 21st century, there is more competition, credibility on brands goes up and down very quickly, and everything is questioned. It is in this context that companies make millionaire investments to improve physical and virtual customer service spaces in order to improve the customer service experience. But that is not enough, as nowadays a company must offer not only the best service, but also the best experience; it must offer not only the best economic conditions, but also greater satisfaction for the client; and it cannot have only clients, but followers or fans. Clients, especially the young ones, must stick to a brand by conviction and pride, and they should be able to show off.

Today there are many tools to communicate and segment the audiences you want to focus on. In addition, there are many suitable spaces to do this, such as social networks and instant messaging applications. Although there are more ways to communicate, efficient communication is not easier; people are now so tired of receiving advertising from everywhere that they are more protected. It is here that a good communication strategy and good persuasive communication are important.

At Light Eyes, we are experts in communication and, at the same time, pioneers on working on new tools. That is why if you have any doubt you can get in touch with us, and we will help you.



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